How do I generate an incident report?


What’s Changed?

Highwire is actively updating our reporting products to deliver clear and professional presentations of your partners' risk data. These changes will improve your experience while logged into Highwire and when you share your work outside the platform. 

Our team has revamped the Individual Incident PDF Report generated when emailing or downloading Incidents from the platform. 

How Do I Generate an Individual Inspection Report?

If you are still getting familiar with the current Highwire Individual Incident Report, any member granted access to download or email incident reports can do so within the Tracker tool. At any point during an incident investigation, a user can open the individual incident and select ‘Export to PDF’ or ‘Email Report’ buttons to generate a PDF version of the incident report. 

Step 1: Open your Tracker tool in the Highwire platform, and under the ‘Incidents’ tab, select the ‘edit’ icon for the incident that you want to generate a PDF report.

Step 2: Once the individual incident report is opened, select one of the two options from the top right of the page, ‘Export to PDF’ or ‘Email Report’. 

  • If you select ‘Export to PDF’, the PDF version of the report will download to your computer and open in a new tab (please ensure your browser pop-up settings allow for the tab to open). The PDF  files can also be accessed directly from your browser download center or your local file downloads folder. 
  • If you select ‘Email Report’, please follow the normal Highwire email process to designate your intended recipients. Once you press ‘Send’, the report will be shared as a file attachment within the email.

What’s in the New Inspection Reports?

Cover Page

At the front of every report will be an executive cover page unique to your organization. In the top right corner, select the “View in Highwire” button, and you will navigate to the Highwire platform to interact directly with the reported incident. At the bottom of the page, the incident summary details are outlined to give immediate context to the body of the report.

Incident Report Format

Previously, the incident report format followed a legacy presentation that needed simple updates to make reports more readable and give the confidence to share these reports more broadly within their organizations. To provide the best user experience, we have substantially improved how we present information within each report. From changing the color palette to making questions and responses more straightforward for readers, your reports will be professional grade.

Project Summary Page

The last page of every ‘Worker Injury’ incident report includes key insights associated with recordable incidents over time and recordable incident rates against reported work hours.