Homepage Overview

To accommodate different learning styles, a step-by-step article with accompanying screenshots is provided directly below and a video tutorial is also available at the end of this document.


Below is a graphic that highlights the main components of the client Homepage, including the left-hand navigation bar, the welcome message and callouts, filters, the enrollment status card, the assessment results card, and the incident rate graphic.



Left-Hand Navigation

The first thing to observe is Highwire’s left-hand navigation toolbar highlighted below, which provides users with a simple, intuitive way to move between the different modules of the application.

Welcome Message and Callouts

Next, you'll see two callouts just below the welcome message. The first callout is red and highlights any recent changes to the custom flags that you've set for your contractors. If you click on the flag call out, you'll be brought directly to the Partners view where you will be able to get more detail on which specific contractors have triggered which flags.

We talk more about the Partner view in a separate article but please note that the Homepage and the Partner view work hand in hand in many ways.

The second callout is green and highlights any recent changes to your average Safety or Finance assessment scores. 


Below the welcome message and callouts are Highwire’s three primary filters - Projects, Trades and Hierarchy. If you’d like to set a filter, you simply click the dropdown arrow, 𝖵, and then make your specific selections as shown below for the Projects filter. 


When you click anywhere outside of the dropdown box, your filter will be set and you'll notice that all of the radials and graphs change on the Homepage to exhibit just the subset of data for the project(s) you selected.

You'll also see that after you use the filter function, a “Clear” button will automatically appear, as shown below. Note that the system will maintain your filtered view until you hit the Clear button, even if you navigate back and forth from the Homepage.

Enrollment Status

The Enrollment Status card shows two radials - Partners and Completion. You’ll notice that the radials are color-coded to match the descriptors below them. In the case of Partners, the radial gives you a quick insight into the number of contractors who are Connected (blue), Pending (yellow) or Expired (red). For Completion, the radial gives you a graphic that shows the completion status of your contractors’ assessments, broken down by Company (orange), Safety (blue), and Finance (green). 

Note that if you click on the radial itself, you will automatically be brought to the Partners view.

As a rule, throughout the Highwire application, you’ll see information icons that upon clicking will give you clear, instant definitions of what specific terms mean, as shown below:


Assessment Results

The Assessment Results card shows a real-time snapshot of the average safety score for your contractors, which is displayed prominently in blue. We also include a summary of High Risk Projects, which links directly to the Projects view, and High Risk Partners and Biggest Movers, which both link directly to the Partners view. (Again, we talk about Partner view and Finance in separate articles). 

Clients that utilize Highwire Finance will see a second graph on the Assessment Results card that focuses on the average Finance Score for connected contractors.


Incident Rate

The Incident Rate graphic gives you a comprehensive understanding of Recordable Rate and Work Hours over a 12-month period. For Recordable Rate, time is shown on the x-axis and Recordable Rate is shown on the y-axis. The red line shows the change in recordable rate month-over-month for the past year. 


For further insight, if you track Work Hours in Highwire, you’ll notice that Work Hours are shown to the right of the graph and are represented by the gray bar chart:

If you hover over any particular month, you’ll see the data for that month as well as the cumulative metrics.