Reports Overview

To accommodate different learning styles, a step-by-step article with accompanying screenshots is provided directly below and a video tutorial is also available at the end of this document.


Prior to November 2023, clients would find their reports fragmented in various pages/views throughout the Highwire application. Now, in the left-hand navigation, clients will see a new Reports tab that centralizes and streamlines the way they access, build, and schedule reports:

Recommended Reports

The Reports landing page brings you to “Recommended” reports as shown above, which is a quick way to access Highwire’s most popular preset reports. On this Reports landing page, all clients will see an Assessments card and a link to build Custom Reports. Clients that utilize Inspection will also see an Inspections card with preset inspection reports. We’ll go through these categories separately below.


The two preset reports under the Assessments card give clients a comprehensive look into the completion status of their contractors, organized by either project or company. In this article, we’ll walk through an example “Assessment Status by Project” report. 

By simply clicking on the “Assessment Status by Project” card, you will automatically generate and see an assessment-focused report that provides graphical insights into risk. We’ll go through the graphical sections of the report in more detail to highlight some important information.

The first graphic gives you a color-coded radial on the left that shows how many contractors you are connected to, broken down by connected, expired, not yet connected, and pending. The second radial on the right is color-coded to indicate the percentage complete broken down by company completion, safety completion, and finance completion (if applicable):

As you scroll down through the report, next you will see a straightforward bar graph that shows the assessment completion broken down by project:

Finally, at the bottom of the report, you will see a comprehensive table on the Assessment status of contractors that are actively supporting your projects. This table can help a client quickly identify those projects that have contractors that are fully or mostly assessed as well as those projects that have significant gaps in assessing contractors. Being able to easily identify projects that have a notable gap provides clients with actionable insight. You are able to generate and use Highwire’s real-time metrics to connect with project teams who are lagging behind and emphasize the importance of completing their contractor assessments. It is also an opportunity to support project teams with their assessment effort. 


As noted, the above example was for the preset Assessment report. However, you should note that you can also further refine a preset Assessment Report by using the filter function at the top of the report:

Click on “Filters” and you can set filters across many different categories:

Custom Report

In addition to customizing the preset reports, you can also use the Custom Report function to build your own report from scratch based on your uniquely selected criteria. This function allows you to leverage Highwire’s powerful data to suit your particular needs. First, click on the Custom Report card:

Then simply choose the type of report you want to generate, the criteria that you want to include, and the date range:

As typical, you can even further refine your report by assessment type, company, hierarchy, projects, and/or project status using the filter function:

All of your reports can be downloaded as a PDF file or saved with a simple click:


Saved Reports

If you choose to save your custom reports as described above, they will be saved and accessible in the Saved tab. All saved reports shown in list view, which shows what filters have been applied and if you’ve scheduled the report for automatic delivery. Each report in the Saved tab can be accessed by simply clicking on it:

This brings us to another powerful new report function that allows client to schedule delivery for any saved report. When you save your report, you will be prompted to name the report and you will be given the option to schedule automatic delivery. If you click on automatic delivery, you will be able to select or input recipients and set the frequency of the delivery:

Legacy Reports

Prior to the new Reports tab, many clients previously worked with Highwire to develop specific reports to meet their business needs. These historic reports are still being generated and delivered at the same frequency that was set previously and they are always available in the Legacy Reports tab:

You can simply click on any Legacy Report and it will be generated and downloaded as a PDF.