Safety Overview

To accommodate different learning styles, a step-by-step article with accompanying screenshots is provided directly below and a video tutorial is also available at the end of this document.


From the Safety tab in the left-hand navigation, clients can easily access a focused view of their contractors that summarizes key safety criteria in a single table view. While much of the information in the Safety tab can also be accessed via Partners, there are a few functions specific to the Safety view that are highlighted below.


Safety Landing Page

The landing page that a client sees when they access Safety from the left navigation provides a standard table that displays key safety information for each connected contractor including trades, safety score, flags, client criteria, % safety complete, enrolled date, expiration date, and location:




Like all list views in the Highwire application, a user will have the ability to use filter functionality to refine their list. In the Safety tab, there are two levels of filters that a client can use.

First, there are standard filter drop-downs that allow you to refine your list of contractors by choosing for country, state, trade, DBE status, revenue, or display status. If you’d like to set a filter, you simply click on your specific filter, check any criteria that you want to include in your refinement, and then click anywhere outside of the filter box. You will immediately notice that your list of contractors has been filtered to only show those contractors who meet the filter criteria. You’ll also notice a “clear” button appear to the right; note that the filters will remain set until you’ve hit the clear button.


The Safety view also has five other preset views that you can easily click in and out of to organize your list of contractors between active, expired, incomplete, complete, and incorrect data. The default list of contractors will always revert to “All”, but you can click on any of the other views to focus your results:


Do Not Display (DND) Filter

You’ll note that the drop-down filter furthest to the right is labeled DND, which stands for Do Not Display. Highwire allows clients to set a restricted display status for a contractor and this DND dropdown then allows you to filter your view to include or exclude these specially designated contractors. There are two main categories of DND contractors, including:

  • Do Not Display: this designation hides contractors from the view of General Contractor (GC) users. This designation is primarily set by clients who have multiple GCs working at their sites and they want to hide one GC’s profile from another GC.
  • Restricted: this designation allows a client Administrator to hide a contractor from any user, including client users, GC users, and contractor users. This designation is primarily used if a client has had a very poor experience with a contractor and does not want the contractor to be considered for future work.

Current View Report

In the upper right corner of the Safety view, you will find a drop-down that allows you to export the table into an Excel file. Simply click on the dropdown, v, and select “Current View Report”.