What information do my international contractors need to enroll?

To accommodate different learning styles, a step-by-step article with accompanying screenshots is provided directly below and a video tutorial is also available at the end of this document.


Highwire's goal is to make the enrollment process as simple and efficient as possible for your contractors. Once a contractor has all of the necessary documents gathered, it should take them less than twenty-five minutes to complete their enrollment. The following is a comprehensive checklist that is provided to international contractors, and available to them in our Help Center, to assist them in planning and gathering all required enrollment documents. In addition to in-application and Help Center articles, contractors also have full access to Highwire’s support team via phone or chatbot.

Safety Profile

To complete their safety profile, international contractors need the following:

  • Valid credit card or another acceptable form of payment for enrollment fee.
  • Injury and Illness data for the last three years, including: 
    • Number of Days Away Cases (cases involving days away from work – worker misses one or more days of work as a result of the injury or illness);
    • Number of Minor Injury Cases (cases involving medical treatment beyond basic first aid but no days away from work);
    • Electronic signature acknowledging accuracy of the injury and illness data.
  • Total employee hours worked in each of the last three years.
  • Regulatory Experience History.
  • Electronic version of your company's safety manual.
  • Electronic version of your company’s Insurance Certificate (required for some clients only).

Financial Profile

If a client utilizes Highwire Finance, their international contractors will need the following information to complete their finance profile:

  • Electronic version of your company’s most recent financial statement
  • Work Volume Information
  • Bank Information
  • Trade Credit References Backlog and Work-In-Progress