Adding My Highwire Badge to My Website

Sharing your badge on your website is a great way to celebrate and recognize your company’s commitment to safety and your active profile in Highwire.

There are many ways to share this badge on your website. Many companies promote their badge on their safety page, awards or recognition page, or the footer of their website. Others place the badge in a combination of locations and pages. 

To add your badge to your website, follow these instructions:

  1. Download your Highwire badge image.
  2. Find a place on your website to place the image. 
  3. Place the award and hyperlink the image to your company’s Highwire Network profile. 
    • To find your Highwire Network profile, log into Highwire and click ‘See My Network Profile’ in the left-hand navigation. Linking your unique Network profile helps validate the badge.