How do I see contractors who are not connected?

To accommodate different learning styles, a step-by-step article with accompanying screenshots is provided directly below and a video tutorial is also available at the end of this document.


In some cases, a client may need to inspect a contractor working on their site, but that contractor is not actively enrolled in Highwire. Highwire allows a client to manually add a contractor to solve that immediate need in the field. A client can then easily identify those manually added contractors by using the “Not Connected” tab in the contractor list view and invite them to enroll in Highwire. 

Not Connected

Simply select Contractors in the left navigation bar and choose the “Not Connected” tab to see the list of contractors who are working on site but are not connected to you in Highwire:

Invite Contractor 

From here, you simply click on the contractor you want to invite and follow the simple prompts as shown in the screenshots below:

  1. Select the contractor:

  1. On the next screen, select the blue “Invite Contractor” box and that will open up a window where you will either enter or confirm the point of contact information for the unconnected contractor, including email (required) and name and phone number if you have it.


You've successfully invited your new contractor to connect with you in Highwire!

An email will be sent to the new contractor notifying them of your interest in connecting. Our team of enrollment specialists will follow up with them to ensure a smooth and successful connection.



You can now track that contractor in the Invited Contractors tab: