How does the Highwire application integrate with Procore?


Highwire’s custom integration with Procore’s construction management platform allows clients to leverage their project information from Procore and integrate it seamlessly into Highwire Projects. By sharing critical data on your projects across your software applications, clients increase productivity, maximize the ROI of both the Highwire and Procore platforms, and extract valuable insights.

Getting Started

Getting started with Procore integration is simple and straightforward. Procore Administrators can follow these steps to begin:

  1. Go to the Procore Marketplace to access the Highwire Integration:

  1. Once you click on the Highwire card, you will be brought to a screen and prompted to login to your Procore account:

  1. Once you are logged in to Procore, you will see a pop-up asking you to create your configuration. This step only needs to be done once for your client account - once a configuration is created, it is captured for all users going forward. Simply click the “Global Projects Config” and click the orange “Create” box:

  1. On your Procore landing page, navigate to the “Select a Project” tab and click on the dropdown to see your list of Procore projects. Select the Procore project that you want to integrate into Highwire (in this fictitious example we want to link the Procore “Sandbox Test Project”):

  1. Next, navigate to “Select an App” in the upper right corner and click the dropdown to see/select Highwire:

Authorizing the Initial Procore ⇄ Highwire Integration

If this is the first time your Procore account has been integrated with Highwire, you will need to authorize the integration. This step only needs to be done once for your client account - once a client administrator authorizes the integration, it is captured for all users going forward): 

  1. You will see a screen requesting authorization for Highwire to access your Procore account. Click on Authorize to complete this one-time authorization:

  1. You will now see a screen confirming that Procore and Highwire are successfully connected. Simply click on “Continue” to proceed with the integration process:


  1. You will now be asked to log into your Highwire account so that you can connect the Procore project that you chose above with the corresponding Highwire project:


Connecting your Procore and Highwire Projects

Now that Procore and Highwire are successfully able to exchange information, clients can match up projects between the two systems so that project information can be shared.

  1. You will now see a list of Highwire projects that are available to be linked. Click on the blue “Link Project” button next to the Highwire project that you want to connect to (in the continuation of our fictitious example, we’re linking the previously selected Procore “Sandbox Test Project” to the Highwire “Research and Development Campus” project:

  1. Once you’ve selected your Highwire project, you will see Highwire’s Contractor list view. This list of contractors will have been automatically updated to include data from the Procore project:


You can now navigate through the Highwire platform as usual from within the Procore embedded mode without having to switch between applications: