How does Highwire securely store my data?


The protection and security of your information is our top priority. Highwire understands that our clients and contractors trust us with their data and we take that responsibility seriously. Highwire commits to working with only the most secure practices across all of our teams and technology.

Data Ownership

Highwire uses data solely for the purposes defined in the Client Software License and Services Agreement that every client signs. Our data ownership policy is also clearly explained in the Highwire Privacy Policy, but it is simple and straightforward to understand:

  • Clients own and retain all rights to their client data.
  • Contractors own and retain all rights to their contractor data. Both the client and Highwire can only access that data for as long as the contractor is actively enrolled in Highwire and agrees to share their data with a specific client.
  • Highwire owns and retains all rights to aggregated data.

In addition, some contractor data is visible to all clients at all times, whether that contractor has explicitly connected with a client in Highwire or not, via the Highwire Network

Data Backup

Highwire contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in cloud technology, to create a virtual private cloud to host our application and data. One of the many benefits of using AWS is their consistent, reliable data backups.

While critical for many reasons, a strong data backup process is imperative to any data recovery exercise. Our strong backup program ensures that all data can be easily recovered if necessary. The specific back-up practices that Highwire utilizes through AWS are summarized below:

  • Highwire’s automated back-ups enable point-in-time recovery of our database instance.  AWS uses our periodic data back-ups in conjunction with our transaction logs to enable us to restore our database to any second during our retention period, up to the last few minutes.
  • User file uploads are versioned, enabling restoration of files that were deleted or altered.
  • Backups have a clear enumeration date in the name of the backup.
  • Logs of the backup process are automatically created.
  • Backup intervals and storage times for each data type are detailed in the Highwire Data Backup Policy.

Data Recovery

As a SaaS-based, web-hosted application, Highwire can leverage our relationship with AWS to ensure that our data is always recoverable. In addition to the practices bulleted above, AWS maintains two separate servers for Highwire in different geographical areas for redundancy and business continuity in the event of any emergency. This allows client users to access and download their data at any time during the terms of their contract. This 24/7 direct access also allows you to download your data in a usable format even if our contractual partnership is coming to an end.

Data Deletion

For deletion of specific user accounts, an active client Administrator always has the functionality to delete an account they created from within the Highwire application. In addition, any active user accounts and Personally Identifiable Information are deleted by Highwire immediately upon contract termination.

If users would like to request deletion of their information/account at any time, they can also contact the Vice President of Engineering or the Vice President of Compliance by email at or telephone at 866-817-2210.