Which trades do not generate a safety score in Highwire?


 At initial enrollment, contractors self-select their trade category(ies) in the Highwire application. As a standard, there are 2 main categories of trades that are available to all contractors, including:

  • Construction Contractors
  • Facilities Maintenance & Equipment Suppliers

In addition, clients may opt to include a third category for contractors who are connected to them:

  • Precision Equipment/Laboratory Services 

Contractors may update their trade categor(ies) within the Highwire application at any time by selecting “Trades” under their Company profile and making any appropriate edits:


Safety Score Assessment by Trade

Construction Contractors

All trades under the Construction Contractors category will be assessed a safety score in Highwire. 

Facilities Maintenance and Equipment Suppliers

Several trades under Facilities Maintenance and Equipment Suppliers will not be assessed safety scores in the Highwire platform, including:

  • Equipment Supplier (Supply/Delivery Only)
  • Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation

Precision Equipment / Laboratory Services

All trades under Precision Equipment / Laboratory Services will not be assessed safety scores in the Highwire platform, including:

  • Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus Maintenance
  • Electronic and Precision Equipment Maintenance
  • Laboratory Analytical Instruments Maintenance
  • Measuring and Controlling Devices Maintenance
  • Food Service Equipment Maintenance
  • Laboratory Equipment Maintenance
  • Healthcare Equipment Maintenance

Documentation Collected by Highwire

In the limited situations where no safety score is assessed, contractors falling into those trades will typically be required to submit only a subset of the typical safety documentation. The documentation typically required includes only lagging indicators, injury and illness data, OSHA experience information, and/or specific client requirements, but the list of required documentation can be customized further by the client.

In addition, critical flags and caution flags for contractors who do not receive a safety score can still be set by the client based their standard business practices. Many clients choose to automatically set the safety approval status for these contractors to “Safety Review Required” since there is no score assessed.