How do I view a contractor's projects?


As you’ve seen, the Contractors landing page gives clients a list view of the contractors they are connected with as well as some critical, high-level metrics. Clients can also select a particular contractor and delve deeper into the powerful data and key insights that Highwire offers.



Projects Tab

Once you’ve clicked on a particular contractor in your landing page view, you will be brought to the contractor's Overview tab, which is often referred to as their “profile”. (In the screenshots throughout this article, we will use District Builders, a fictitious company, as our example contractor).

The contractor’s profile serves as a central hub to access key information about that contractor using a horizontal navigation bar across the top of the page that includes Projects, Company, Safety, Finance, Insurance, and Team. In this article we will focus on the contractor’s Projects tab. As shown below, there are three sections of the Projects tab:

  • Service Area and Projects
  • Project Types
  • Industry Experience


Service Area and Projects


The default view for the interactive projects map allows clients to see pinpoint locations of all projects that a contractor is currently working on, as well as a flag to show the contractor’s office address (note that clients must add accurate addresses to their projects in order to leverage the full power of the mapping functionality):


Service Area

Depending on the geographical locations of their current projects, the default view may not show the contractor’s full service area. To zoom out and see a bird’s eye view of the contractor's full service area, you can use the zoom button in the bottom right corner of the map. You’ll notice that once you zoom out, project locations will still be pinned, but they may be consolidated into one pin due to the new scale of the map. In the District Builders example, they are working on 3 projects, so you will see a consolidated pin labeled “4” (3 projects + the contractor’s office address):


You can hover over the pin to see the names of each project:


Project Details

You can zoom back in to see the exact project pins by clicking the “4” or using the zoom button. You can also click on a project pin to open a pop-up box that provides detailed statistics on incidents and inspection findings for that project:

Or, you can always click on the project name to the left of the map to open that same pop-up:


Project Types

In the lower left corner of the Projects tab, you will see a list of project types that the contractor has added to their profile. While these categories will align somewhat with the contractor’s trade(s), this section allows a contractor to self describe the types of projects they have worked on:


Industry Experience

In the lower right corner of the Projects tab, you will see a list of industry experience that the contractor has added to their profile. Again, this section allows the contractor to share more details about the types of industries they have worked with in the past: