How do I add a contractor to a project?


Contractors are added to a project in Step 2 of the project workflow. To begin, navigate to Projects and click on the name of the specific project you want to add a contractor to:



Step 2: Bid List


Once you click on the project, you will be in the Project Workflow screen. In the second step of the workflow, users will begin to populate their bid list with contractors. This allows the user to compare contractors that are bidding on the same scope of work. To start your bid list, simply click on the “Add Contractor” box:

“Add Contractor” will open up a window with the list of your company’s connected contractors. You can sort this list by company or trade. In the example below, the contractors are sorted by trade (Division 9 - Finishes) and there are 2 contractors selected for addition to the bid list. You’ll notice that the graphs at the top of the window will change as you select/deselect contractors so that you can see a visual comparison between your bidders as you add them:

Once you’ve added contractors, you’ll see them listed on the bid list in Step 2. There are a few key functions that you will be able to initiate from your bid list, including clicking on the name of the bidder to open a new window with their full profile, clicking on their flags to see exactly what risk criteria they triggered, and clicking on “Email Sub” to open a new email window to request that the contractor complete their Highwire profile in order to be considered for bid. You can also maximize any of the graphs to do a side-by-side visual comparison of specific risks like flags, safety scores, EMR, recordable rate, etc: