Completing the OSHA Experience Tab for Companies in the USA

If you are a contractor located in the USA, to complete your profile, you will need to indicate if any citations have occurred in the past 3 years and provide any related comments.


If your company had any OSHA citations that have been closed in the past 3 years, click ‘Yes’ and fields will appear to enter your citation details.

Enter any OSHA Citations that your company has received in any of the past three years. Enter only those citations received for inspections that have been closed. Be sure to complete all fields. Enter only one citation (Standard Number) per line. 

You also have the opportunity to enter any comments relative to OSHA citations received in the Comments box.



If you have any questions about past citations visit the OSHA website at On the Data & Statistics page, you can conduct an “Establishment Search” to review any past citations that your company may have received.

Review the identified mailing address for the client as noted in the inspection detail to confirm that the citation belongs to your company. All of the information required by the OSHA Experience tab can be found on the OSHA website in the inspection detail.

The number and severity classification of citations entered in the OSHA Experience tab should match the “Violations Summary” box (Current Violations) for all inspections and citations found on the OSHA website.