Entering and uploading EMR


This article guides you on how to enter your company’s EMR values into our system, and how to upload supporting documentation. Please note only the last 3 years of EMR values will be used in the safety score calculation.

1. After logging into your safety profile, go to the Injury & Illness section within your Safety tab and scroll down to the EMR section. 

  • If you are unsure what an EMR is, please click the Screen_Shot_2022-03-23_at_2.30.53_PM.png link on the form for an explanation.
  • If your company does not qualify for an EMR (if you do not have an EMR), enter ‘1’ in the EMR data entry fields. An uploaded letter from your insurer that states your company does not have/qualify for an EMR for the applicable years will also be required. 



2. If your company has an EMR, please enter your EMR values in the EMR data entry fields. You will also need to upload a letter or NCCI documentation from your insurer for each applicable year. The documentation should state the rating and the effective dates for that rating.                        

Example: If your rating is 0.64 for 2021, your documentation uploaded to the 2021 EMR section should have an effective date of 2021 and a rating of 0.64 entered.


3. After entering your data, press Continue. Once the entire section of this page is complete, your profile will undergo a quality review, taking approximately 24 hours.