Using OSHA 300A Forms for Companies in the USA

This document details how to report your company’s OSHA data, and how to upload supporting documentation to your profile. 


For all USA contractors, Highwire clients use this OSHA Summary form to verify the accuracy of injury/illness data and require it to be uploaded. Your company might not maintain OSHA logs due to the size or nature of your business.

The OSHA 300 Summary form is very easy to complete and can be found by clicking this link

Please note a separate form needs to be uploaded for each year.


How to find values for DART and Recordable Cases?

This is an example of a 300A summary form calculation:


TOTAL Number Of Cases

Total number of

Total number of
cases with days
away from work

Total number of
cases with job
transfer or restriction

Total number of
other recordable










Recordable Cases Value

Add columns G, H, I, J and enter the sum of these numbers into the OSHA Recordable Cases Field on the Injury & Illness section.
In the example above, the number of Recordable Cases is 3 for 2021.


DART Cases Value

Add Columns H and I and enter the sum of these columns into the DART Cases field on the Injury & Illness section. In the example above, the number of DART Cases is 1 for 2021.



Please be sure to include your total hours worked for all employees for each year. Do not include contractor hours. If you have no employees and are the sole operator of your company, please enter your total worked hours for the year.


The OSHA 300A form must be signed/dated by a company representative. Documents that are not signed will be flagged as "Incorrect Data" until a signed form is uploaded.

If you have a certificate for a specific employee that needs to be uploaded, you can do so by adding it to your files within the Safety Profile Dashboard tab --> Supplemental Information. Then you can select for which client you are uploading the certificate.

I have fewer than 10 employees, do I still have to upload 300A forms (US-only)?
Yes. OSHA 300A Summary Forms are required to complete the enrollment process regardless of the partial exemption. You can download the 300A Summary Form from the or directly from the Injury & Illness section.