How do I update my password?

How to Reset Password and/or Username


This article explains the process for resetting an existing contractor user’s username and/or password.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address on the first step of the signing page. 

    Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 11.25.42.png

  3. Click 'Forgot Password'. An email will be sent to that address which will contain a link to reset the password. If the email isn’t received, please check the spam folder. If you still don’t receive it, please contact us for assistance

    Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 11.39.24.png
  4. If you get a message indicating there is no Highwire profile associated with this email address, please try another email address that may have been used upon enrollment, such as the primary point of contact for your company.


If the email address used to log in is for a person that is no longer the primary point of contact for your company due to leaving the company or some other reason, please contact us by submitting a request in the top right corner of this screen. Please provide the new first and last name, email address, and phone number for the new primary point of contact, and we can help you make the updates.