Discrepancies and Point Deductions


This article will provide an explanation of points deducted from your safety profile and the discrepancies you may see related to your uploaded documentation.


The questions you answer in the Management Systems tab, Program Elements tab, and Advanced Initiatives tab will require you to upload related supporting documentation for any affirmative or ‘Yes’ response within those sections.

After the safety manual and supporting documentation is uploaded to your profile, Highwire reviews that documentation to confirm that the hazard, activity, program, or system is sufficiently addressed in your documentation. The system evaluates the content against the ANSI Z10 Management Systems standard, The International Standard Organization’s ISO 14001:2015 and the OSHA General Industry and Construction regulation, and any discrepancies will be noted within your Safety Profile tab scorecard. 

Highwire encourages you to review identified discrepancies to understand the strengths of your safety program and to identify any potential gaps in your safety programs or safety management systems. To find these discrepancies, navigate to the Dashboard tab and find the Safety Manual Document row "xx points deducted" to view results. Click on this to view a breakdown of the deductions. 


This will show you any discrepancies that Highwire identified. If there are no discrepancies the profile will say “0 points deducted” in this row.




If you feel that your uploaded documentation sufficiently addresses any discrepancy you can request that Highwire conducts an additional review.

To expedite review of your documentation, we need you to provide us with the following information:

  1. Reference the specific deduction/question you would like us to review (tab and question number)
  2. Provide the file name of the uploaded document where the content can be reviewed
  3. Provide the page number(s) where the content can be reviewed

If you do not have a program to support the discrepancy, you can visit these help articles for guidance on what a typical safety program should include and for guidance on the importance of safety management systems: Elements of a Safety Program.

A manual review of the documentation can take a few business days for our Certified Safety Professionals to complete. We will notify you via email when this review is completed.

Please contact us by clicking the Help Icon in the top right of your profile, or by clicking the Contact Us link here.