How do I create or edit an inspection?

This article will provide an overview of where you can see your list of inspections, create a new inspection, and view and edit inspection reports.


Click 'Inspect' from the left-hand navigation menu. Select 'Inspections' from the top of the page. 


Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 10.41.55.png

This view shows all inspections for your profile. 


You can sort the data by clicking the column headings. By default, this list is sorted by inspection date.


To open and edit an existing inspection, you can click on the pencil icon under the Action column.


To view an inspection report, click the ‘View’ link.

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Creating a New Inspection

  1. To start a new inspection, click ‘Add Inspection’
  2. Select the ‘Inspection Type’
  3. Select the ‘Date and Time’ of the inspection
  4. If you reviewed the inspection with someone, enter their name in ‘Reviewed With’
  5. Click ‘Create’


Editing Inspections

First, you can click on the pencil icon of the inspection you'd like to view from the List View landing page, under the Inspections tab.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 1.08.59 PM.png

This will open the Inspection and allow you to enter your details. Clicking ‘Edit’ will allow this section to be edited.



  1. First you must select a contractor from the dropdown list.

  2. Choose the category you would like to enter findings for.


  3. You can view a list of all negative findings by clicking the ‘Negative Findings’ link in the top right, under Inspection Summary.
  4. To add positive or negative findings, click on the ‘Note’ icon under each category on the bottom right. For further details of how to add positive findings, visit this article here. For negative findings, visit here.


Completing Assigned Inspections

  1. Click the ‘Assigned Inspections’ tab.
    Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 1.06.38 PM.png
  2. Assigned Inspections will appear in the list.
  3. Click the ‘+’ that corresponds to the inspection you want to complete.