How do I review unresolved findings in the mobile app?

This article reviews how to find and review all unresolved findings across your projects in the mobile app.


You can access unresolved findings by clicking the icon on the bottom of the app which has a red notification number, indicating your total unresolved findings. You can click on this icon to proceed to the next screen.



Please note that when you access this screen initially the list will default to unresolved negative findings that you created.  See the inspector filter which will have your name when you open the screen.  To see all unresolved findings across your projects switch the Inspector filter to ‘All Inspectors’.  


Screenshot_20220408-111634.png.        Screenshot_20220408-111621.png





With this feature, you can review all unresolved findings across all of your projects or on a specific project. You may choose to review this list prior to starting an inspection. This will allow you to mark findings as corrected as appropriate during your inspection.




Note:  When findings are accessed through the Unresolved Findings screen only certain fields are enabled for editing.  These include:  

  • Corrected?

And after switching corrected from No to Yes:

  • Action Taken
  • Corrected Date
  • Corrected By
  • Attachments (You can add a photo of a corrected condition as an example)