How do I use trends in the mobile app?

Within the app's main home page, you are able to tap on ‘Trends’ and review negative finding trends across all inspection types, all projects, or all contractors. Additionally, a selection can be made from the dropdown to view specific trends.


Use the trends feature to focus your inspection efforts on at-risk categories, contractors, and questions.


Select from the drop-down menus at the top of the charts to change the data shown. This defaults to the top 10 at-risk categories, questions, or contractors.






Select one of the categories on the left side to drill into further details.


        Screen_Shot_2022-04-08_at_9.34.26_AM.png                  Screenshot_20220408-092332.png


Swipe from right to left across the screen to switch the view to the ‘Top 10 At-Risk Contractors’.


Note:  In order for the trends feature in the mobile app to be enabled, these charts must be enabled in the dashboard tab of the web application.  If you see that the Trends feature is not enabled, you can log in to the web application at and go to Inspect>Dashboard>Configure Charts.  Enable the ‘Top 10 At-Risk Categories - % of Negative Findings’ and the ‘Top 10 At-Risk Contractors - # of Negative Findings’ charts.