How do I create a pre-planning task in the mobile app?

In some situations, pre-planning work is required for a project. For example, if during the course of an inspection you discuss an upcoming activity, like scaffold erection, that requires planning you can create a pre-planning item.  A deliverable for this type of activity might be the development of a Job Hazard Analysis that includes identification of fall protection measures, falling object protection, and other controls.  You can add pre-planning details to an inspection by doing the following:


Navigate to the "Edit Inspection" screen and view the categories. 





Click on the ‘P’ icon next to the category. This will open the ‘Add Pre-Planning’ screen.  Enter details and assign responsibility for any deliverables defined in the Pre-Planning item.  The team member that is assigned responsibility for the item will receive a separate email when the inspection report is emailed.



Click the ‘Done’ to save the pre-planning item.


You will see a red ‘1’ next to the category that has a pre-planning entry. You can click on the P with the red number to view existing pre-planning items and open/edit.