How do I add or edit notes and attachments in the mobile app?

This article will review how to locate and edit existing notes and attachments for positive and negative findings.


Editing an Existing Note

To open or edit an existing note, you will need to be in the Question screen where you’ll see the POS and NEG columns.

Screen_Shot_2022-04-08_at_11.06.38_AM.png     Screenshot_20220408-110746.png  Screenshot_20220408-110801.png


Tap on the green or red circle with the number inside (yellow arrow) to open an existing note.


This will open the "Notes List" screen showing all previously entered notes. Tap on the note to open the negative note screen or positive note screen.


You can also open a list of all the notes from the Inspection Summary screen accessed by tapping the bubble icon and then the +/- icon.  You can tap on the Positive Findings number to see all the positive findings.  You can tap on the Negative Findings number to see all the negative findings.  You can tap the Pre-Planning number to see all the pre-planning items.  Alternatively, you can tap the Total Findings button to see all the findings.




Deleting an Existing Note


You can delete an existing note by swiping the note from right to left to see the "Delete" option.




Deleting an Attachment


To delete an attachment, open the positive or negative note screen.

Scroll down to the bottom and Click on the ‘Trashcan’ icon next to the attachment link.


Adding a Photo Attachment

  • Click on 'add attachment' from the screenshot below


  • You will see a menu of options, you can either take a photo from the device or select a photo that already exists in your gallery.
    • If you add a photo from the gallery, you will need to enable permissions for Highwire to access your photo gallery.

Editing a Photo Attachment

  • To edit any photo attachment, tap the pencil icon next to the photo (yellow arrow).
  • Use the photo editor to draw on the photo, add text to the photo, and more.
  • Any edits to the photo will be saved and appear on a negative or positive note.