How do I add a new incident?

The below guidelines show how to create an Incident report from your profile. 

1. Click on ‘Tracker’ in the module selector.

2. Once in Tracker, click ‘Incidents’ on the left sidebar.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.08.33 PM.png


3. Once in the Incident view, click "Add Incident".

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.09.28 PM.png

4. Select the project this incident applies to. The date will auto-populate with the date that the inspection is created. 

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.10.37 PM.png

5. Click ‘Save’.


Add initial description, attachments, and first notification

  1. Select the contractor associated with the incident.
  2. Select the appropriate incident type(s). Note that your company may have different incident types.
  3. Select if this is a "Near-Miss" event.
  4. Complete the initial incident description. Include any facts uncovered in your initial investigation and any other requirements outlined by your company.
  5. Upload any attachments associated with the incident.
  6. Click ‘Save’.
  7. Click "Email Report".
  8. Select the appropriate contact who should be alerted of the incident. Modify the information appropriately.                 Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.19.16 PM.png
  9. Click ‘Send’.

After saving this section, additional tabs may appear under the initial incident report. Complete the appropriate information. Note that this section is different for each company, so it may appear different than below.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.23.27 PM.png

  • Contributing Factors: List all factors that contributed to the incident. Identify the root cause of the incident.
  • Corrective Action: Identify the corrective action that is required as a result of the incident. Assign responsibility for taking corrective action to project team members. Identify any communication required as a result of the incident and assign responsibility for communicating lessons learned.
  • Inspection Link: Link the incident to the most closely related inspection categories. Allows for identification of any correlations between incident trends and inspection trends 
  • Other: Include any documentation obtained as a result of emergency services (i.e. Police, Fire, EMT, etc.) responding to the site.
    • Note: For worker injuries, you can identify the PPE that was being worn at the time of the incident.


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