How do I set my preferences or work offline in the mobile app?

When working from the Highwire app, the application will generally be in online mode with full communication to the webserver.  If during the course of your inspection the signal is lost the application will automatically switch to offline mode.

Offline Mode Capabilities

In offline mode, you can begin a new inspection, open and edit an existing inspection, and continue to add findings/attachments.  While in offline mode, because there is no signal, communication features will be disabled such as IDLH alerts and the ability to preview or email the report.  Additionally, the Trends Feature and Unresolved Findings feature will be disabled since this data is retrieved from the web application.


  • Any inspection that has not been fully synchronized with the webserver will show a red ‘offline’ box as seen in the screenshot below.




  • If you see the red ‘offline’ box you can go to the settings screen to check and see if the application is in offline mode.  If you know you have a signal, disable ‘Offline Mode’ and all data will sync.
  • Tip:  If you know you are in an area or building with a weak or inconsistent signal, you may choose to manually switch the app to offline mode before you start your inspection.  Conduct your inspection in offline mode and then when you return to an area where you know the signal is consistent, you can disable offline mode and sync all data.
  • You may also push the 'Sync Data' button on your settings page if you feel that your data is out of sync at anytime.
  • As the data is synced if any IDLH negative findings were created while in offline mode the IDLH alerts will be sent.



In the Settings screen, you have the ability to manually switch between modes.  If you need to manually switch to offline mode use the settings screen.  Or if you need to disable offline mode to sync data use the settings screen.



If at any point you want to ensure that all of your data is synced you can go to the settings screen and tap ‘Sync Data’.