How do I add findings to an inspection in the mobile app?

After creating your inspection and selecting a contractor, then selecting a category, the next step is to add any relevant findings. This article will review adding negative and positive findings to an inspection using the mobile app.


Adding Positive Findings

  • After navigating to the Category page and selecting a category, you will see a list of Questions.
  • To add positive findings incrementally by 1, tap the + symbol (yellow box).
  • To open the positive note screen and add positive findings with details, tap the green rectangle (red circle).
    • Note: You can utilize the positive note screen to add detail to a positive note and recognize workers/work crews for good behavior, conditions, planning efforts, etc. More on adding recognition in this article here.




Adding Recognition Forms

  • Tap ‘Add Attachment’ and select 'Add Recognition' to attach a recognition form to the positive note.
  • Use this when a worker or work crew deserves recognition for their efforts with regard to safety.
    • The recognition form is attached to the positive note.



Adding Negative Findings


To add negative findings, tap the red rectangle (yellow square).

Tapping the red rectangle will open the negative note screen.






  • For negative findings, identify if the condition or behavior has been corrected with the Yes/No toggle.


For negative findings not yet corrected:

  • Identify the action required to correct the condition or behavior.
  • Assign a due date for corrective action.
  • Assign corrective action to a responsible party.
  • Identify a Risk Level associated with the condition or behavior.
  • Identify the Root Cause that led to the negative finding.


For negative findings that have been corrected:

  • Identify Action Taken, Corrected Date, Corrected By, Risk Level, and Root Cause.


Adding Accountability Actions


For negative notes, you can attach an Accountability Form.

  • You may choose to utilize the accountability form for repeat or serious violations in accordance with your company’s or project’s accountability program.
  • Identify the reason for the action, the person(s) involved, and the number/type of action.
  • The form becomes an attachment to the negative note.