How do I create an inspection in the mobile app?


Your mobile app Home Screen is divided into four sections - Findings, Inspections, Goal This Week, and Inspection Leaders. This article will focus on how to create Inspections.



The Inspection section shows you a summary of your inspections for the past 30 days:


Inspection Categories

Each category can be defined as follows:

Assigned An inspection created by an Administrator in Highwire for you to complete as part of your work.
Open An inspection that you have created but not assigned any findings to.
In Progress An inspection that you have created and assigned some findings to, but that you are still working on.
Complete An inspection that has been completed.


Priority of Inspections

A number next to a category indicates there are multiple inspections that fall within that category:


In the example above, there are four Assigned inspections, four Open inspections, and four In Progress inspections.

The color coding of the numbers is designed to help prioritize actions, similar to the colors of a traffic light. Red is urgent, indicating an inspection that should be investigated immediately. Yellow indicates an inspection that requires action but that may not need to be addressed as urgently.

Simply click on any category to get more detailed information:


Creating an Inspection

Creating an Inspection from your Home Screen is simple.

  1. Click on the blue “+” in the lower right corner:


  1. You will see a choice between Inspection or Finding - select Inspection:


  1. You will be brought to the Start Inspection screen when you begin an Inspection. Hereyou will need to complete specific fields, including Project and Inspection Type. As a default, Highwire offers two types of inspections, Construction Safety and Management System Audit. You may also opt to add reviewers and/or comments:


  1. Then, click Next in the upper right corner of your screen:


  1. This will bring you to the Select Contractor screen, where you can click on the contractor you will be inspecting:


  1. The next screen is Select Category, where you can choose from a list of pre-populated inspection categories based on the Inspection Type you chose in Step #3. As shown in the screenshot below, Highwire offers standard categories that align with the key safety programs defined by OSHA and industry leaders. These include confined space, demolition, electrical safety, hazard communication, amongst others.

By clicking on any category, a list of related questions will appear and the actual inspection work will begin. In the following example, the Administration category has been selected:


  1. In the Select Question screen, you will see a pre-populated list of questions for the selected Category. You can opt to include any of the questions in your inspection by clicking on the question and adding either a positive or negative finding:


All inspection questions can be answered at once, or you can click Done in the upper right corner at any time, and your progress will be saved. You will be able to access the inspection from your Home Screen at a later time (if you didn’t add any findings, you will access it from Open, and if you did add findings, you will access it from In Progress).