Certificate of Completion


Once the Safety section of your profile has been completed and scored, you will have the ability to download a certificate that displays your profile overview and score. Some clients that you work with may request this information for their records. Clients can also download this information from your profile if needed.


Where to Find the Certificate of Completion

1. Click the Awards tab on the left.

Please note: The Awards tab is only available after your profile has been completed and scored.


2. Your Certificate of Completion will be available for download on this page. Click the blue “Download Certificate” link to obtain a copy.


3. Your Safety score may be high enough to receive Highwire’s Gold or Platinum Safety Award. If so, your Certificate of Completion will include a display of the award on the second page of the certificate.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 11.55.05 AM.png

The Gold Safety Award is available for profiles with a score between 85 and 94. Profiles with a score of 95 and above will achieve the Platinum Safety Award. Click here for more information about Highwire’s Safety Awards.