ConstructSecure is now Highwire



Our new name, Highwire, reflects the high stakes of Contractor Success as well as our ability to mitigate risks in both the construction and operation of capital projects.   

To ensure that your experience continues uninterrupted, please take note of the following changes:


Our Help Center will be hosted at  All of the old links from the ConstructSecure Support Center will automatically redirect to the correct articles.  


Our platform and login will move to, but old login pages will automatically redirect for users who go there.


Within the platform, you’ll see an updated color scheme, our new logo, updated awards, and updated contractor certificates.  All product emails will be sent from the @Highwire domain.  Everything else in the platform will be exactly where it was and there will be no changes to your workflows.  

    • Note: users of our legacy product will not see these branding changes, and emails will continue to come from @constructsecure. We look forward to discussing your migration to the new platform.

The mobile app will be listed as “Highwire Tracker” within the Apple and Android app marketplaces.  You’ll need to update the app in order to see the new name on your device.


We appreciate your support as we make this big change. For us, it represents a year of effort to define our vision of Contractor Success and create a brand that reflects that vision. We are grateful for your commitment as we make this vision a reality, one step at a time.