Improving your Safety Assessment Score

This article will review how your score is calculated and options for improving your score.


Your score is calculated by using both lagging indicators and leading indicators.

Lagging indicators include Recordable Cases, DART Cases, EMR, OSHA citations, and fatalities. These factors are indicative of past safety performance; as such, there is no opportunity to improve your score as it relates to your lagging indicators.

You may be able to improve your score through your leading indicators. Your score in this area is determined by your answers to the questions asked in the Management Systems, Program Elements and Advanced Initiatives sections. This Is an opportunity to highlight the strength of your company’s safety program. 


To determine if you can improve your score:

First, review your answers in the Management Systems, Program Elements, and Advanced Initiatives tabs. Questions answered ‘Yes’, with supporting documentation in your safety manual uploads, are awarded points. Revisit questions you have answered ‘No’ to and make sure that a ‘No’ response is appropriate. Consult your safety staff to ensure that questions are answered appropriately as necessary. ‘No’ answers are not awarded points. However, if your company decides to develop and implement additional safety programs that adequately address the hazard or activity, you may change your answer to ‘Yes’, and the corresponding point(s) will be awarded. This can be done at any time.

While you are reviewing your answers in the Program Elements tab, you’ll see that several questions have the option to answer ‘This hazard/activity is not applicable to our scope of work’. If the hazard or activity is not something that is applicable to your company, choose N/A instead of ‘No’. You will be required to enter a brief explanation of why it does not apply to you.  Note: The clients that you share your profile with will have visibility into the questions with a N/A response.

The other way you can improve your score is to address any points that have been deducted. Points are deducted when Highwire does not find the content in your uploaded safety documentation to support a ‘Yes’ answer. If points have been deducted from your score it will appear in blue font in the ‘Safety Manual Document’ row of your Dashboard. In this example, 8 points have been deducted.



Click on theScreen_Shot_2022-03-23_at_2.30.53_PM.png and you will be shown a list of discrepancies found.




These points can be restored if you decide to develop and implement additional safety programs, safety management systems, or special elements to address these questions. Upload newly developed supporting documentation in the Advanced Initiatives tab. Highwire will review your uploads and restore any points if the uploaded documentation adequately addresses the hazard, activity, or question.


If you feel that your uploaded documentation sufficiently addresses any discrepancy you can request that Highwire conducts an additional review.

To expedite review of your documentation, we need you to provide us with the following information:

  1. Reference the specific deduction/question you would like us to review (tab and question number)
  2. Provide the file name of the uploaded document where the content can be reviewed
  3. Provide the page number(s) where the content can be reviewed

If you do not have a program to support the discrepancy, you can visit these help articles for guidance on what a typical safety program should include and for guidance on the importance of safety management systems: Elements of a Safety Program.


A manual review of the documentation can take a few business days for our Certified Safety Professionals to complete. We will notify you via email when this review is completed.


Please contact us by clicking the Help Icon in the top right of your profile, or by clicking the Contact Us link here.